Amber compiler currently works on:

  • Linux x86 and ARM
  • macOS x86 and ARM (Apple Silicon)
  • Nix (NixOS)

macOS / Linux

Make sure that the operating system meets the following prerequisites

  • Bourne-again shell (Bash)
  • Basic calculator bc command (On Debian run sudo apt install bc)
  • Curl tool for downloading the installation script

Installation Options

  • System-wide
    curl -s "" | bash
  • Local-user
    curl -s "" | bash -s -- --user
  • Package manager

    Contribute and add Amber to your favourite package manager!

    Available distributions:

    • Ubuntu on Snapcraft with package name amber-bash
    • Arch Linux (AUR) with package name amber-bash-bin

NixOS and Flakes

The package contains all the required install scripts and dependencies. You can use the flake as:

    inputs = {
        # ...
        amber.url = "github:Ph0enixKM/Amber";

    # then later with home manager for example
    home.packages = [ inputs.amber.packages.${pkgs.system}.default ];

The package is avaiable as amber-lang on nixpkgs.

While developing with Nix, the flake defines all dependencies for nix develop (or direnv if used).

Windows support

As windows does not come with bash installed it makes no sense to support it. Please install WSL 2 on your windows machine and install Linux version of Amber compiler inside.

In order for it to work you may need to run the following code that pulls all the prerequisites.

sudo apt install curl bc
sudo mkdir /opt /usr/local/bin


You can uninstall Amber any time. To do this you can simply run the following code snippet.

curl -s "" | bash